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The Do’s and Don’ts of Motivational Speaking that All Rookies Should Know

Motivational speaking may not be for everyone, but you can definitely improve your skills to make it closer to success. Let these do’s and don’ts be your guide.


1.Do speak about what you believe in

A reality TV star can talk about things he doesn’t really care about, but it’s okay because most fans usually don’t care if it’s sincere or not, scripted or natural. For as long as it is entertaining, it’s fine.

On the other hand, a motivational speaker is an open book who shows his strengths and weaknesses to the whole world to impart a lesson. That’s why they are some of the well-loved personalities in the world.

People would easily know when motivational speakers are sincere with their messages. People have instincts and they need emotional impact to be satisfied. Don’t risk looking “fake” by saying things that only look good on paper.

2.Do maximize your “power space”

Keynote speakerYour “power space” is your upper body, from your chest to your head including your shoulders and arms. This space is your tool to make your statements even more convincing.

Questions are made more compelling when matched with the right facial expressions. Presentations of ideas are clearer with body movements and gestures. Anecdotes are more moving when matched with proper blocking. Words, movements, and expressions always come in package because they work best with one another.


1.Don’t rush

Usually, a motivational speaker only has a limited time to deliver his speech unless it is his excusive conference. Hence, he has to be concise.

A short allotted time is not an excuse to speak too fast and present a topic haphazardly. Instead of hurrying to finish your long speech in a short period of time, write the speech wisely so as to include only the really substantial matters. Have an editor see it or practice the timing so that you can estimate the length of speech you’ll need for the time you have. You can also use an online tool to help you convert a written speech into time projection.

2.Don’t pretend to not see the audiences’ reactions

Negative reactions are always scary. That’s why many rookie motivational speakers choose to ignore them. They believe that when they don’t see the reactions, they’re not real. Even Katniss Everdeen was advised to only look at Cinna, her stylist, when on stage to fight her nerves in The Hunger Games movie.

This is a tried-and-true method in controlling nerves, but it also leaves a motivational speaker unable to adjust according to the reactions of his audiences. It’s humiliating to see people frown, laugh, or look dumbfounded when it’s not your intention in any way, but being aware of their reactions gives you a clue that says something is not quite right. By picking up the hint, you can fix the damage by changing topic, changing tone, pumping up your energy, elaborating further, talking louder, and whatever is needed to address their concerns.

3.Don’t use highfalutin words

It’s very amateurish to try to impress the audience with highfalutin words. Surprisingly though, a lot of speakers still do it. It may actually work in school when impressing a professor, but definitely not when faced with an audience who don’t care about useless words in their lives.

A motivational speaker doesn’t give a lecture that appeals to the intelligence. He tells a story that appeals to the emotions. Don’t waste your time trying to establish yourself as a know-it-all because that will just make the audience feel that you are not relatable. Instead, show them that you are one of them who is only able to pick himself up.

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Motivational speaker provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop dead funny, motivational and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently.

Eliminating PCB Waste and Recovering Usable Materials

Printed circuit boards, once they reach the end of their usability, become, just like any other fabricated man-made object, waste. When these things become waste, there should be a way for people to eliminate them properly. However, since printed circuit boards are mostly synthetic material and do not actually decompose unlike all organic materials such as food, eliminating these products, and actually electronic devices in general, can be somewhat of a challenge.

In addition, because of the fact that electronic devices that include printed circuit boards cannot simply be burned because of how toxic the smoke could be, there should be a plan in order to properly recycle these materials.

Printed Circuit BoardsThe steps involved in creating printed circuit boards involve a lot of processes in itself. Mostly, manufacturing companies heavily rely on a process called the subtractive method, wherein the circuit boards are made by removing some parts of a material and leaving out only what is important. The removed materials during the process of making these circuit boards then become waste, and are therefore disposed of immediately.

Nowadays, the process of recycling the materials used for the creation of circuit boards has become as complex as the production itself. Mainly, recovery is the main idea for the processes involved in recycling the used materials.

Manufacturers such as those located in Taiwan mainly focus their recycling processes in the recovery of precious metals and copper that was removed because that was considered as an excess. Even though we can consider the recycling of these materials as self-sustaining in an economic sense, there are still movements being made which aim at elevating the level of technology and strengthening the capabilities of the industry of recycling.

Recovery of some precious metals in the waste water disposed by manufacturing companies has become significant because of the amount of metals that the waste water contains. Studies have shown that as much as two tons of precious metals, including copper, which is used as the base of circuit boards, is eliminated as part of waste every day in circuit board manufacturing companies. Therefore, managing to recycle and being able to use the materials again enables the companies to not only provide themselves with new materials to use for their production of high quality PCB, but it also helps them in an economic sense, given that companies also have the option of selling these metals.

The waste water that leaves a manufacturing plant contains a very high amount of Cu2+, as well as tiny traces of other metal ions. Improvements in keeping the purity of recycled copper can be made by separating the Cu ions from other metals in the mix. This is eventually recycled to become copper oxides before being sold to either other manufacturers or to smelters.

Another thing that can be done in order to recycle is to prepare the particles of Cu0 directly from the waste water where they are concentrated. This process greatly affects the quality of the product in a very positive way. The particles of Cu0 can be of great use for the preparation of magneto resistant materials, high temperature superconductors, catalysts, gas sensors, magnetic storage media, cathode materials, and p-type semiconductors. The nano particles of Cu0 are prepared by purifying the waste water in order to remove most of the ion impurities that it may have.

With the existence of recycled metals being significant in both keeping the quality of electronic products high and helping save the environment by eliminating less waste, manufacturing companies are helped in their task of making sure that no dangerous by-products are produced and all no important material in the production of these products goes to waste.

The Role of Custom Challenge Coins in Building Camaraderie and Team Unity

Custom challenge coins are considered as the best way to build camaraderie and team unity, as well as honor sacrifice. Designing challenge coins for your group is not that hard at all. With some creativity, and the right provider, your group can start its own challenge coin tradition.

You probably know by now that challenge coins started out in the military, and expanded to the business world and other organizations, like fire and police departments and other groups. These coins are considered as the best way to honor individual or group achievements.

You can begin by considering what your organization stands for. The values that your organization wants to represent should be clearly reflected on your custom challenge coins. You need to discuss these things with the group before finding a reliable challenge coins provider.

After deciding on what your challenge coin will represent, the next thing you need to do is to decide what shape and size you want. The most popular option is the round coins but you can also choose other shapes. If you choose to create your own design, that’s great. However, if you are having a hard time putting your ideas together to create a unique design, you can ask your provider’s artist to do it for you. Most of the challenge coin providers have award-winning graphic artists that can help you draw what you have in mind.

Keep in mind, a reliable provider offers several options. You can choose from what metal to use, special features and edge cuts. You can check out your provider’s gallery for examples of their special features.

Building Team Unity and Camaraderie

Challenge coins were first seen in the military during World War I. These days, these custom challenge coins are very popular not just in the military units but in the ordinary individuals as well. These coins are being used by companies, civic groups and other organizations.

Similar to lapel pins, challenge coins show which member you belong. It can be a military battalion or unit, a police or fire department, a company, a fraternal organization or any other group. A company can actually design these coins with their logo on it. You can also add your business name, symbols of your group or anything that you would like to add.
You can use these challenge coins in the workplace in different ways. For instance, a design team assigned in developing a new product could have their custom challenge coins, to display their team unity and dedication to the product creation.

Other groups might choose to acknowledge outstanding achievement, length of stay in their job or other milestones with challenge coins. Employees will definitely appreciate the feeling that the company recognizes their valuable contributions to the company.

Sororities and fraternities can give challenge coins to their members that signify the specific chapter or campus where the group is situated. Members will carry them with pride, and will surely appreciate the challenge aspect of the coins.

It is a tradition in the military to challenge your fellow members to show his coin. If he fails to show it, he should treat the challenger a drink. Another challenge is the exchanging of challenge coins.

Aside from the challenge, challenge coins are valued for their design which are very attractive, and their meaning or message to the specific group.

Custom challenge coins can be given to employee who have shown dedication, loyalty and has contributed a lot. The option of using these coins to boost morale and built team unity will depend on the individual issuing the challenge coins. Others may choose to have these coins with a different color or design for each department.

LOL (Leads On Line): Using Chat Service to Increase Sales Leads

servicesThe internet has evolved into a huge marketplace. It is no longer used just for communication and research. A lot of companies have considerably expanded their markets through the internet. This, however, has also increased competition. It is no wonder that there is a proliferation of advertising materials in various forms online. The competition online is stiff, there is no doubt about it. Everyone wants to grab their share of the customer’s purchasing dollars. There is a need for businesses to be creative in thinking of ways to increase their sales leads. One effective tool that they can use is the chat service.

Websites usually have a chat feature available on their site as a way for customers to get in touch with them for more information. This conventional chat feature allows the customer to click on the chat box and then have a company representative chatting with them in real time to address their concerns. There are companies that ask for the customer’s contact details before the chat session begins. Some companies gather customer information after the customer’s concerns are addressed or before the chat session ends. The information becomes part of the company’s database of leads.

The chat feature has been taken a notch higher with chat invites. In this kind of chat service, it is the chat representative who actually initiates the online conversation. This is prompted by a certain action from the website visitor, usually when they click to navigate away from a site or a page. This then becomes a more proactive lead generation tool where the chat representative asks for the customer’s contact information so that he can be updated with the latest news that he might be interested in. It is the goal of this service to turn the visitor into a buying customer.

Chat service is an effective way to seize every sales opportunity presented whenever a consumer is online. Statistics show that businesses experienced sales increase after utilizing chat service.  Customers who come upon online ads may lose interest in purchasing if they have any misgivings that are not quickly addressed. Using chat software make online advertisements more efficient as customers may choose to chat with an agent to assist them.

Live chat representatives can interact with customers and help them out with any queries and concerns they may have in the quickest possible time. Customers are then left satisfied with the service provided to them, increasing the chances that they will eventually make a purchase.

There are many underlying factors that can close a sales deal. Considering this, chats may not necessarily end up as leads. Those who are into chat services outsourcing have packages that only charge clients for converted sales leads. This allows the company to assess the impact of the chat service on its sales charts before going for a long term contract. This is best for smaller companies and startup businesses.

There are variations of the chat feature that can be customized depending on each company’s needs. It would be best to discuss these options before choosing a particular service package. The end goal should be to maximize the opportunities for customer contact so that more leads will be generated. In the realm of marketing, the more quality leads are gathered, the higher the chances of making a sale.

serviceAside for lead generation, these services also help companies know what their customers want and need. Chat behavior and activity can be closely monitored. Transcripts and reports can be made available so that the companies can analyze the data. Information from this analysis should be factored in when it comes to drawing up future marketing and product development plans. When the chat facility is fully maximized, it will make a considerable contribution to the company’s bottomline.