Author: Phoebe Santos

The Ultimate Checklist in Finding a Quality Article Writer

Finding excellent article writers may not be as simple as you expect it to be, especially that all freelancers and article writing companies practically say the same thing to impress prospective clients. To simplify your task, stick with this checklist.

1.Excellent grammar

Going too technical about the article writer you hire is your prerogative. You deserve the best.

Many clients look online for native English speakers for article writers due to an obvious reason. However, it doesn’t always follow. Closing your door to other freelancers from the other side of the world may lose you great opportunity to have excellent copies at lower costs.

To really test your candidates’ writing ability, ask them to write a sample based on your requirements. You can also ask them to take online grammar tests, which you can validate afterwards.

2.Niche language familiarity

Content writingAn excellent health writer may not be able to provide you with an excellent internet marketing article because writing excellence doesn’t translate to niche familiarity. The article may be grammatically impressive, but is it really understandable, substantial, and factual?

The article writer you want to hire must have been writing in your niche for quite some time already, which means that he is fully familiar with technical terms, standards, procedures, and jargons in that niche. Niche writers usually charge more, but it’ll be worth your money, especially if you are looking for long-term partnership.

3.Writing style and article type familiarity

Creative writers are not necessarily technical writers, and vice versa. An article writer who pens good novels and essays may not be able to provide the same quality for press releases and B2B copies. Just like in a profession, a writer becomes better with his writing style and article type by continuous practice. You can expect better copies if you’ll hire a writer or article writing company that specializes in your requirements.

There are a myriad of article writers who can be flexible without compromising the quality of their outputs, but they are usually the experienced ones who also demand higher charges.

4.Writing and niche skill sets

Writing is just one skill, and it’s too broad that you may not be able to pull out the best quality that you are expecting. Writing and niche skill sets refer to interconnected skills where writing is just one thing.

For example, an article writer may be able to write about online marketing tips. However, a writer who also knows SEO marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and link building will be able to provide you more types of services all related to writing. He is more flexible and you can be more specific and technical with your demands. Simply put, he can execute the things he writes about.

Writers with wider skill sets are not just niche writers but are specialists. They call themselves digital journalists, web copywriters, SEO writers, etc.

5.Familiarity with your audience or market

An article written for British readers may not necessarily be fully comprehensible for American readers despite the fact the same language is used. Different cultures have different preferences for writing style, tone, and subject matter. There are also differences in punctuation rules (e.g. serial comma is preferred in the U.S. but not in most English-speaking countries), spelling, and terms. It will be obvious from the point of view of an American that an article has been written with the British readers in mind.

Hire an article writer who really knows how to write for your specific readers because he will be able to connect deeper and pinpoint what they want from a copy.

A checklist can go on talking about passion, enthusiasm and so many other qualities that article writers truly need. However, these qualities are only for you to tell as you speak with the one you hire. What’s important is that you hire a writer who meets your demands and is professional about.