Russia Home Shirt 2016 New

Adidas, together with Russia Football Union(RFS), jointly publishes 2016 Russia Home Shirt for Russia national team to participate in UEFA Euro 2016.

The RFS is the official governing body of the sport of football in the Russian Federation. It organizes Russian amateur and professional football, including the men’s, women’s, youth, beach football, futsal and Paralympic national teams.

The design of the new shirt is loyal to traditional values of Russian football and is inspired by human’s conflicting ideas that are elegance and aggressiveness, intuition and pragmatism, loyalty to the past and effort for the future. This new shirt strives to maintain balance in these conflicting ideas.

The new home shirt shows the Russian tradition and history. The main color of the shirt is wine red and gold. Russia national emblem, a double-headed eagle, is printed on the left of the shirt, which is very eye-catching. The double-headed eagle is a necessary element when new shirts are designed. It symbolizes not only the Russian culture and history but also courage, unity and freedom of Russians. In addition, Adidas three golden stripes, symbolizing victory, are put on both sides of the shirt rather than shoulders this time.

Adidas’s latest technology, adizero, is used to produce new shirts. Therefore, the new shirt becomes more comfortable and much lighter. When players put on it, they can run fast and perform well. Following the development trend of modern football, the back of the new shirt is used breathable mesh fabric in order to make sweat evaporate quickly in the game.