Blue Italian Home Shirt 2016

Puma and Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC) unveiled the latest Italy football shirt. Players of the Italy national football team wearing new football kits stood on the podium as if they were sacred sculptures.

Italy football shirt shows respects to the grand history of Italy football, blending blue and white football shirt with fashionable design of Italy.

Taking prides, passions and previous traditions of Italy as guide aspirations, the new football shirt embodies the pursuing of details. Round-neck design taking reference to once Italy football shirts keep classical style in fashionable today. One traditional and elegant dimension of the most up-to-date fashions is embodied in the façade, back cuffs and decorative pattern of cameo.

Other details include decorative pattern Form Strip on shoulders and cuffs, golden piping edge and “tri-color flag” on lower part of both sides. The Torsten Hochstetter – COO of Puma said, “Italy football shirt is a symbol for us, meaning prides, passions, grand historical heritages, traditions and elegant. I’m satisfied to participating in that work. We put our hearts and souls into design of new football shirt, and only hope our work deserving the grand honors of Italy national football team”.

New football shirt adopts the latest ACTV Thermo-R technology strategically on façade and back to help players keeping optimal temperature in sports event. Unique phase-change material is exerted into interior stripes of football shirts, which absorbs surplus heat and releases it into body as necessary. Stripes closely connect to body will massage the skin slightly, helping players performing well in sports event and giving faster and effective energy supply to muscles of them.