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7 Creative Ways to Use a Storage Container

Storage ContainerHave you ever heard of storage units that you can rent or buy and then be delivered to your place? While most storage companies offer warehouse spaces for people looking for additional storage space, some have come up with a convenient at-home storage solution. One can now buy a storage box with length ranging from 20 to 45 feet to be placed outside their home. Buying your unit lets you customize it for whatever purpose you want it to serve. Here are some creative ways you can use your storage container or moveable container.

1. Playhouse for Girls

If your daughters are sick of playing cooking and dressing up dolls in their rooms, you can purchase a movable storage unit that you can customize and turn into a playhouse. Your girls would love to have their own 20-ft house where they can pretend as ladies, who know how to cook and take care of baby dolls. Decorate it like a real house for them to enjoy every minute in it.

2. A Place Where Boys Can Be Boys

If you have sons who cannot help but run and play around, give them enough space to have fun. Steel boxes come in various sizes. You can even get one where your boys can play basketball or football. Movable storage units can be really spacious that your sons can even use their little bikes. You can even decorate it as a jungle to enhance their adventurous side.

3. Wood Workshop for Dad (or Grandpa)

If dad or granddad loves to take on DIY carpentry or woodwork, a 40-ft. storage container would be a great place where they can set up their worktable and have a cabinet for storing tools and equipment. A movable storage also works for painting and sculpture enthusiasts who need their own place where they can focus on their craft.

4. A Garden for Green Thumbs

If you want an instant greenhouse, you can easily convert a 45-ft. storage unit into a 4-sided room where you can grow flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Wouldn’t it be nice to see all your favourite plants growing healthily? You can also customize steel boxes to suit your needs and preferences.

5. Hangout Place for the Gang

Whenever your group needs to hang out or your band needs a venue for rehearsals, you will never have to worry. Have everyone chip in for a great investment. Purchase a storage container that you can convert into a hangout place or band headquarters. Such units have doors with durable locks to secure your musical instruments.

6. An Outdoor Living Room

A growing family will need additional space. If everyone is sick and tired of the living room and front porch, work together to create a new living room just outside your house. Place the storage unit strategically and place some pieces of furniture for an afternoon nap or weekend lunch.

7. Relaxing Reading Haven

If you are a bookworm who wants your own place for your favourite activity – reading – invests in a nice storage container that you can convert into a library. Have shelves for your favourite books. Arrange your book collections by author or genre and bring friends. Create a book club and share literary masterpieces you love.


While movable large storage units are designed to help people be organized or to provide additional storage space, you can personalize them to suit your preferences. Use your creativity. Convert it yourself or hire a contractor to transform the storage container for you. Customize one to be your personal escape or transform it in a big box where you can have fun with your loved ones. The sky is the limit!