The Role of Custom Challenge Coins in Building Camaraderie and Team Unity

Custom challenge coins are considered as the best way to build camaraderie and team unity, as well as honor sacrifice. Designing challenge coins for your group is not that hard at all. With some creativity, and the right provider, your group can start its own challenge coin tradition.

You probably know by now that challenge coins started out in the military, and expanded to the business world and other organizations, like fire and police departments and other groups. These coins are considered as the best way to honor individual or group achievements.

You can begin by considering what your organization stands for. The values that your organization wants to represent should be clearly reflected on your custom challenge coins. You need to discuss these things with the group before finding a reliable challenge coins provider.

After deciding on what your challenge coin will represent, the next thing you need to do is to decide what shape and size you want. The most popular option is the round coins but you can also choose other shapes. If you choose to create your own design, that’s great. However, if you are having a hard time putting your ideas together to create a unique design, you can ask your provider’s artist to do it for you. Most of the challenge coin providers have award-winning graphic artists that can help you draw what you have in mind.

Keep in mind, a reliable provider offers several options. You can choose from what metal to use, special features and edge cuts. You can check out your provider’s gallery for examples of their special features.

Building Team Unity and Camaraderie

Challenge coins were first seen in the military during World War I. These days, these custom challenge coins are very popular not just in the military units but in the ordinary individuals as well. These coins are being used by companies, civic groups and other organizations.

Similar to lapel pins, challenge coins show which member you belong. It can be a military battalion or unit, a police or fire department, a company, a fraternal organization or any other group. A company can actually design these coins with their logo on it. You can also add your business name, symbols of your group or anything that you would like to add.
You can use these challenge coins in the workplace in different ways. For instance, a design team assigned in developing a new product could have their custom challenge coins, to display their team unity and dedication to the product creation.

Other groups might choose to acknowledge outstanding achievement, length of stay in their job or other milestones with challenge coins. Employees will definitely appreciate the feeling that the company recognizes their valuable contributions to the company.

Sororities and fraternities can give challenge coins to their members that signify the specific chapter or campus where the group is situated. Members will carry them with pride, and will surely appreciate the challenge aspect of the coins.

It is a tradition in the military to challenge your fellow members to show his coin. If he fails to show it, he should treat the challenger a drink. Another challenge is the exchanging of challenge coins.

Aside from the challenge, challenge coins are valued for their design which are very attractive, and their meaning or message to the specific group.

Custom challenge coins can be given to employee who have shown dedication, loyalty and has contributed a lot. The option of using these coins to boost morale and built team unity will depend on the individual issuing the challenge coins. Others may choose to have these coins with a different color or design for each department.

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